Benefits of a Limescale-Free House

It is difficult to state exactly when and in which order the benefits will occur, due to many variables:

  • Water consumption
  • Degree of water hardness
  • Amount of limescale build-up
  • How long the plumbing system has been installed
  • Chemical composition
  • Conductivity of water

In general, you will observe the following effects:

Within the First 4 Weeks

  • Shampoos, conditioners, and soaps rinse easily using less water
  • Surfaces in contact with water will be easier to clean
  • If clear of scale, shower heads, taps etc; will not become re-contaminated
  • Washing machines will require less powder
  • Dishwashers need less salt - if any
  • Hair and skin start to feel softer and healthier
  • Less shampoo, conditioner, detergents, fabric conditioners and soaps will be needed

After 4 weeks

  • Limescale formed on Wc's and taps will start to soften, can be easily removed and will not reappear
  • Water flow may start to increase (in circumstances where very heavy deposits existed)
  • Softer clothes as fibres become scale-free
  • Can help suffers of eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin
  • Mould on shower curtains and tile grout will be reduced
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Long Term Effects

Extended life of water appliances and lower maintenance costs
Removes existing scale
Kinder to skin and hair - ideal for babies
Saves energy - lower water heating costs

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