Frequently Asked Questions

How does Eddy inhibit scale formation?

Eddy produces a complex electro-magnetic wave which is applied through two coils wound round your incoming water supply pipe. In this way your water is subjected to an ever changing magnetic field as it passes through the coils. This alters the electric charge distribution on the crystals of limescale in your water supply and changes the adhesion properties of the limescale so that it no longer deposits itself on your clean surfaces, within your pipes or inside your appliances, so that they are freed of its damaging and corrosive effects. Eddy does not add anything to the water and it does not remove any healthy minerals. Limescale stays in solution in the water and is simply washed away!

Is Eddy a water softener?

Eddy is not a water softener, but in the majority of cases it can remove or greatly reduce the nuisance of limescale without the initial cost of a water softener and without the ongoing costs of salt for a water softener. Due to our 12 month money-back warranty you can try Eddy without any risk and we are sure you will agree with many thousands of satisfied customers that Eddy will remove the need for an expensive water softener in the majority of cases. Please see our 100% genuine customer testimonials from just a few of our happy customers who agree that they do not need a water softener after fitting Eddy.

Where do I fit Eddy?

Eddy is usually fitted to your mains cold water supply pipe (also known as the rising main) at the point where it enters your house. In this way all of the water in your house will be treated, including water used in the hot water system. In cases where you cannot get to the rising main, Eddy should be fitted at the earliest accessible point in the system.

Can I fit Eddy myself?

We believe that anyone can fit Eddy safely and simply. All that is required is the ability to identify the mains water inlet to your home (instructions given) and find a mains electricity socket within a short distance of the Eddy installation position (or use a mains extension lead if necessary). No special tools are required. If, however, after reading the comprehensive instructions supplied you feel unable to tackle the job, any electrician or plumber should be able to fit Eddy for you in about half an hour.

I have a large house. Is Eddy powerful enough?

When we designed Eddy we decided to produce one device capable of treating any sized property up to and including small industrial applications. Eddy will easily cope with most sizes of domestic property and is already in very successful use in small industrial applications which are more arduous than anything likely to be encountered in the domestic situation. We believe that Eddy is the most powerful electronic descaler available for domestic use

Will I notice an immediate difference after I fit Eddy?

After a few weeks, newly formed scale deposits are soft and powdery and can be cleaned off easily from taps and sinks. Your hot water system may need turning down to a lower temperature setting, saving you money. Kettles start to show a marked reduction in scaling and any scale remaining should become soft and easily rinsed away. Shower heads remain free running and people report that they use less soap, detergents and shampoos. Not only that, but Eddy gets to work on existing old scale and over time should literally clean up your water system and restore its efficiency. Some of our customers have also reported a major improvement in skin problems such as eczema (please see testimonials).

How much does Eddy cost to run?

Eddy draws very little mains electricity. At current standard electricity prices, Eddy will cost approximately 10p per week to run at most.

Does Eddy work on copper, lead, plastic or iron pipes?

Eddy can be installed on a copper, plastic, or iron pipe, but we do not recommend installation on pipes made from lead, as descaling a lead pipe may re-expose your water to direct contact with lead. Without descaling, the coating of limescale inside your lead pipes may offer some protection against the detrimental effects of lead on your health. Unlike many manufacturers, we therefore feel unable to recommend installation on lead piping. There is often a pipe of different material (copper or plastic) further "downstream" of where the lead main enters the house so a suitable installation point can usually be found.

What sizes of pipe does Eddy fit?

Eddys for the UK and EU come with cables adequate for fitting on pipes from 15mm diameter up to 25mm diameter (1 inch). On a 15mm pipe, each coil is wound with 30 turns onto the pipe. With larger pipes, less turns are wound (approximately 18 turns onto a 25mm pipe), but there is negligible reduction of the magnetic field. What field strength is lost through fewer turns is made up again by the larger cross sectional area of the coil on the larger pipe. For pipes with a larger diameter than 25mm please contact us for custom cables (small extra charge applies). For our customers in the USA, standard cables supplied are for pipes of 1 inch to 1.5 inches diameter. Extra length cables are available for pipes of 1.8 inches to 2.5 inches ($15).

My incoming water main splits in two after entering the house?

No problem! We designed Eddy with two coils for two reasons. Firstly, because winding two coils around your incoming water main increases the time for which the magnetic field is applied to your water, increasing the efficiency of the treatment. Secondly, in situations where the the main splits immediately in two after entering the house you can simply wind one Eddy coil on one of the pipes after the split, and the other coil on the other branch.

Does Eddy help reduce maintenance of combi-boilers and hot water systems?

We have many happy customers using Eddy with all types of boiler and other types of water heating system, however, combi-boilers are particularly prone to build-up of limescale deposits because of their design. In many combi-boilers (not all) incoming mains water is heated directly by the gas flame in a small heat exchanger. This exchanger can become easily fouled with limescale. This can lead to increased maintenance issues. We have many customers who report much reduced maintenance requirements with their combi-boilers after fitting Eddy. The amount of additional protection given to your hot water system is dependent on the exact water hardness in your area and also the chemical composition of the naturally dissolved solids in your water supply. Also the operating temperature that the heater is adjusted to work at. In the majority of cases Eddy can be highly effective in helping to reduce scale build up in your hot water heating system.

Does Eddy offer protection to boilers and heating systems?

There are many different boiler types. Eddy should (depending on a number of factors) offer some considerable extra protection to the hot water heat exchanger of most types of combi-boiler as outlined above. With conventional type boilers (non-combi, and also some types of combi), both the hot water and central heating system are heated indirectly using a closed circuit of water which is filled and sealed between boiler service intervals. Eddy treats the incoming water main and so cannot offer protection of this secondary heating circuit or the boiler heat exchanger in this type of system, however there are chemical additives that should be added to the secondary heating circuit of all water based central heating systems at time of filling. Indeed, this practise is a mandatory requirement to meet British Standard BS 7593:2006 (quoted in the current Building Regulations Part L). These additives are readily available at local plumbing suppliers or DIY stores under such brands as Fernox or Sentinel. Eddy does not remove the need for these treatments to be added at time of boiler service and refilling of central heating systems.

For how long does the Eddy water treatment remain effective?

Depending on the degree of your water hardness, we would normally expect water treated by Eddy to retain its beneficial properties for up to 72 hours after treatment. This is more than adequate in a house with normal water consumption to ensure that any water in the main cold water storage tank and also the hot water tank is fully replenished before the benefits of treatment wear off. In houses with very low water consumption you may wish to consider fitting an additional Eddy unit to the "exit" pipe from the main water storage tank, though we always recommend trying one unit on the incoming main first as this usually proves more than adequate. In houses where there are no storage tanks, Eddy is at its most effective, as water is used very soon after treatment at the incoming main.

Will Eddy remove scale already present in my water system?

We cannot guarantee that Eddy will remove all of your existing limescale deposits, but Eddy does change the crystal formation of limescale in the water and in time it should slowly dissolve existing deposits. How effective this feature will be depends on many factors, such as the exact hardness of your water, chemical composition and flow rate (flushing action) in your system. In the majority of cases deposits should be slowly eroded after fitting Eddy.

Will Eddy help with skin problems?

We did not specifically design Eddy to help with skin problems, though we have had customers report an improvement in skin conditions after fitting Eddy. Please see our testimonials section for reports from customers.

I've heard that separate "plug-top" power supplies are unreliable?

Some manufacturers claim that "plug-top" power supplies as used with Eddy are unreliable. Our power supplies are manufactured by one of the world's largest power supply manufacturers, who are registered to BS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard (the highest standard). They have been specially chosen (like all of the components in Eddy) for supreme reliability which has been well proven during the time that we have used them. The unit is also very small and light - barely larger than a standard mains plug.

How long is the cable from mains plug to Eddy unit?

The cable from the plug-top power unit to the main Eddy unit measures 1.4 metres. We can supply extension cables if you need to mount the Eddy unit further than 1.4 metres from a mains supply outlet (small extra charge - see online shop).

How much space do I need? How big is Eddy?
The dimensions of the main unit are (w x h x d): 17cm x 9cm x 3.5cm ( 6.75inches x 3.5inches x 1.5inches )
Does it matter which way the water flows through the coils?

It does not matter in which direction the water flows, or whether the water flows through the red coil before the yellow coil or vice versa. All that matters is that all of the water that you wish to treat flows through at least one coil or the other or preferably both. For this reason we recommend fitting on the incoming cold water main to the property.

Do units sold for overseas have the correct power supply and mains plug?

All Eddys are sold with a special power supply that adjusts automatically to the mains voltage in your country. Units sold for the USA have a USA style plug. Units sold for other non-UK countries have a standard European style plug. If you have other requirements, please let us know which mains plug style you would like us to supply when you order (UK, USA or Euro).

Is Eddy tested to comply with necessary compliance standards?

Eddy is tested to comply with all necessary CE and FCC standards for UK, EU and worldwide sale. (Certificates available for inspection).

In what languages is the instruction booklet available?
The instruction manual supplied with Eddy is currently printed in the English language only. We hope to supply a multi language version in the near future.
How long is the parts and labour guarantee?

Eddy comes with a 10 year repair or replace guarantee in the event of electrical failure. Should the unit suffer electrical or mechanical malfunction at any time during the ownership of the original purchaser, and be returned to us together with proof of purchase, it will be repaired, or replaced with a unit of identical or updated specification. All components in Eddy are "double rated" to ensure a low failure rate and a very long service life. We are proud to report that very few units are returned because of component failure.

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