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The problem of hard water has been persisting in India for decades. Most of the households are unaware about the inconveniences that are caused by hard water in everyday home life. Are you also facing problems like fading laundry, dull hair, spotty dishes or blockages in shower caps and water taps?

We were fed up with traditional water softeners due to maintenance trouble and recurring expense. We decided to try Eddy based on reviews which were available. After using for 6 months we realized the difference it made in our place, which gave an idea that it has resolved problem for our place why will it not do it for others.

This gave birth to Scalefree to exclusively import and market world’s No1 electronic descaler EDDY.

Our UK based, water descaling system Eddy is a permanent solution for all your problems. Eddy was developed in 1999 using British design, technology and manufacture. Our Research & Development team conducted various trials and introduced the new Eddy ED6002P Professional with a double power output. It is an easy DIY fit, works silently and effectively by applying a complex digital magnetic wave to your water supply to greatly reduce your limescale once and for all. All components that go into an Eddy are at least double rated, including the power supply. This provides an unparalleled level of reliability and will ensure many years of trouble-free service from your Eddy descaling system.

Eddy has been able to achieve 99% customer satisfaction over the past 20 years. We offer 10 year full replacement warranty against technical breakdown of the unit. Despite this unrivalled level of warranty, we receive less than 1% of units returned under either warranty. Reliability of our product is unsurpassed. Because we manufacture and assemble in the UK we can monitor product quality very closely to maintain our superb overall customer satisfaction rating.

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