Water softener for complete apartment

Apartments typically don’t get enough Municipal water supply. They rely on Bore Well and Tanker. This leave them with choice of installing water softener option.

Traditional Ion exchange softener issues:

  • Require continuous monitoring of PPM level
  • Regular regeneration (daily or twice a day)
  • Water wastage due to regeneration
  • Discharge of waste of water
  • Recurring cost of salt and raisin

Eddy works as water softener alternative for complete apartment solution with no maintenance required. Eddy can be installed on inlet or outlet of overhead tank to condition the water. We have installed complete apartment solution for several apartments. To find out how many devices you require for your apartment please get in touch with us. The calculation depends on following factor :

  • Size of Pipe
  • Flow rate
  • Hardness level
  • Water replenishing frequency (in case of inlet)
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